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Focus on Expression

Updated: May 18, 2022

As the lady scanned our tickets, she said, “Oh, you’re one of the lucky ones!” Indeed we were, as I had secured tickets for my husband and I to visit Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms to celebrate our 27 year anniversary of being together. The first of the two rooms was called ‘The Chandelier of Grief’ which Kusama believes you can experience beauty and sadness simultaneously. Immersed in the centre of the artwork, you become part of the installation and the reflections go on forever. It was truly beautiful. The second Infinity Mirrored Room was called ‘Filled with the Brilliance of Life’ and it lived up to its apt title. As you walk along a tiled path through a shallow pool of water in a darkened room, tiny lights pulse through many different colours. As with the first room, you lose a sense of what is real and what is reflection with no distinction between the artwork nor yourself. This confusion is purposeful as Kusama wants you to become part of her art. A Japanese artist and writer, Kusama has experienced mental health problems all her life and still lives in the Tokyo hospital that she admitted herself into back in 1977. Using her art to fully express herself, Kusama believes that art is more than just being a spectator of it. The immersion of her two Infinity Mirror Rooms makes this abundantly clear to all. ‘…no matter how I may suffer for my art, I will have no regrets. This is the way I have lived my life, and it is the way I shall go on living.’ Yayoi Kusama I use my podcast, Focus on WHY, to express my life purpose. It has become a forum where people freely express their experiences, their knowledge, even their very soul. Each guest expresses themselves in different ways to pursue their purpose. An expression of their truth, of their uniqueness, of their love or of their gifts. In episode 164 Dress to Manifest with Tania Sterl, Tania uses fashion to express herself styling people to be a ‘more fully expressed version of themselves as they evolve through their careers.’ Styling your vision with a reflection of your inside potential, Tania shows you what is possible when you dress the inside. Using her three pillars of style, self-care, self-confidence and self-expression, you have the potential to choose and change your outer covering. How do you express your purpose in life? Focus on Expression! ACTION POINT How are you expressing your life purpose?


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