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Focus on Elevation

Last weekend I was taken on a journey of elevation. I am not speaking of the sensational view of Dublin that I witnessed from the 7th floor of the Guinness Storehouse. Although that was truly spectacular, I am referring to the opportunity for the world of speakers to come together for four days at the Global Speakers Summit held in Croke Park, Dublin. Elevating on all levels, this event provided an opportunity for people to showcase their expertise, share their knowledge and to network with both old and new friends. I have never experienced a conference quite like it. Emotions were tested to the limit as speakers wove their magic evoking powerful shifts in the audience. It was fascinating to witness the variable styles that speakers adopted each commanding the stage in their own unique way to get their message heard. Using a balance of humour and humility, rhetoric and resonance, power and pleasure, speakers created mesmerising, memorable moments that will last in our minds for a lifetime. I didn’t speak on the main stage. Instead, I ran three Ask The Experts' sessions on podcasting. Positioned as an expert in front of my global peers, I received many compliments on how well I ran the sessions. From this weekend, my speaking career has now been elevated and it was achieved through sharing my insights and expertise on a topic and the speaking medium that I love. Combining purpose and podcasting is a massive win win for me and it is clear to others too. Here are a couple of testimonials I received. “I attended Amy’s Ask the Experts session at the Global Speakers Summit in Dublin recently. While I’ve attended these events in the past her session was quite simply the best I’ve ever attended. On her subject of podcasting she was succinct, informative, engaging and possesses an enormous knowledge of her subject which she shared with a ‘podcast-phobe’ like myself, inspiring me to look at it again as a powerful marketing and client engagement tool. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy as a speaker, coach, trainer or any other form of facilitator in this area of specialist knowledge. Thanks Amy!” Sean Weafer “I was privileged to take a class from Amy this week. Amy is a speaker's speaker, the highest compliment, as a professional speaker, that I can give about another professional communicator. She structured her program on podcasting in such a way as to present her practical ideas, thoughts, and concepts as part of the Big Picture, ensuring her audience was never overwhelmed.” Jennifer de St. Georges Elevation literally takes you to your next level of growth. It takes you out of your comfort zone and moves you forward. It may seem a little scary sometimes however taking action like this is how you grow and learn. The rewards far outweigh the discomfort of working towards that next level status. So, go on. Get out there today. Focus on Elevation!


ACTION POINT - Are you actively looking to grow and learn? What ways can you elevate yourself today? P.S. If you are looking for some more inspiration go check out some of my past blogs click here!

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