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Focus on Brilliance

Same school, same year, different trajectories. In 2019, two 16 year old girls sat next to one another in their GCSE Biology class. They called themselves 'Biobuds'! Both focused, determined and committed to their studies yet their brilliance shone in different ways. One girl went on to become Head Student and the other continued to focus on tennis, her chosen sport. Then came the pandemic. Studies were interrupted. Sport was interrupted. Life was interrupted. However, their brilliance remained a constant. Fast forward two years to last weekend, aged 18, both girls have now become young women. One just became the US Open Women's Tennis Champion and the other I dropped off at university! We each have different trajectories in life achieving different things at different times. There’s no one right or wrong path. Only what is right for you and what is right for you now. Brilliance reveals itself in different forms for each and every one of us at different times in our lives. Same school, same year, different trajectories. What Emma Raducanu achieved last Saturday was truly incredible. A perfect example of sheer brilliance. My daughter Holly and I watched her stellar performance in full admiration and pride while also screaming constant, positive encouragement at her through the TV. Emma displayed a masterclass of just what is possible despite all the interruptions, obstacles and setbacks she has faced. She reminded us how overnight success takes years and years, hours and hours of deliberate practice, intense preparation and purpose-driven focus. Same school, same year, different trajectories. Through the combination of curiosity, learning and hope, recognise your brilliance in the forms of intelligence, strengths, genius and talent. Remember we each get a chance to shine in life and you get to choose when! Focus on brilliance.

ACTION POINT How will you demonstrate your brilliance today?


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