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Focus on Retirement

This week I had three different coaching conversations with people about what they needed to consider to transition with relative ease into their next phase of life. In all three cases, it was planning for their retirement.


Preparing for retirement involves more than financial planning. It’s about embracing new roles, maintaining meaningful connections and creating a legacy as you face shifts in your daily routines, social networks and personal identity. It’s essential to prepare mentally and emotionally for these changes. Creating a sense of purpose and meaning is crucial during this period as it can profoundly impact your fulfilment and overall wellbeing.


Purpose and meaning provide a framework for you to engage in activities that bring joy and satisfaction whether through volunteering, pursuing hobbies, spending quality time with loved ones, or even engaging in consulting or non-executive directorship roles. Having a clear sense of purpose can prevent feelings of aimlessness or loss that can sometimes accompany a retirement that lacks clarity and a plan.


Your legacy is another important aspect to reflect on in terms of the impact you wish to leave behind, whether through family, community involvement, or contributions to a particular cause. This reflection guides your actions and choices in retirement, ensuring that your life continues to have significance beyond your working years.


Ultimately, planning for retirement may need to happen far earlier than you might realise. What does your retirement look like?


If you want to discuss what's involved in planning your purposeful retirement, book in a call with me via this link.


Focus on Retirement! Focus on WHY!

Action Point: How ready are you to retire?

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