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Focus on Certification

I don’t need a certificate to prove that I am growing and learning however this week I earned one and I am really proud as it directly shows the fruits of my labour.


Hello Amy

I am so delighted to tell you that you have passed all the elements of Coaching Certification, congratulations! We want to take this moment to pause and recognise the hard work and commitment you have poured into your training, well done!


This is the email I received yesterday to confirm that I am now a One of many Certified Women’s Coach. The hard work and commitment it refers to has been a yearlong process involving hundreds of hours of reading, listening to audio recordings, watching videos, attending 1-to-1 and group mentoring sessions, attending and passing a week's in-person intensive training, coaching clients, submitting audio assessments and completing a written exam.


All in all it has been a thoroughly rigorous process designed to test anyone’s mettle but I did all that was required of me and I passed. The certification now means I will be licensed to use the One of many tools and resources in my coaching sessions with clients.


However, the yearlong journey has brought me much more than certification and a licence. It has completely transformed my approach to coaching. The ongoing practice of reflecting after each and every coaching session provides me with deep insights as to how I am learning, improving and growing. Bringing curiosity, an open mind, remaining unattached to achieving a specific destination and sitting comfortably in the space, I completely trust that the client will surface exactly what it is they need.


Seeing how powerful coaching is and what it can achieve for people I know it is what I am meant to be doing and I am really excited to be able to work with these new tools and resources to help people to navigate life better. If you are curious to know more about coaching with me, please reach out and book in a free call today.


So, what's next? Another certification! I have a few more coaching hours to complete before I am certified by the International Coaching Federation but right now, I am off to place my framed certificate on my shelf. See Shelf Development is actually a thing!


Focus on Certification. Focus on WHY.

ACTION POINT - What growth and learning are you focused on right now?


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