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Focus on Vulnerability

My focus today was inspired by two vulnerable posts that I read on LinkedIn this week, coincidentally both written by previous guests on Focus on WHY.

One was by Sam Rathling where she shared how she had stopped believing in herself, had lost confidence and had been doubting her capabilities as a businesswoman and mother. Sam shared the struggles that she had been experiencing and what she had done to overcome them and get herself back on track.

The other was about conscious consent written by Jo Lightfoot. Jo shared how she had had an uncomfortable experience at a business conference where her physical consent was breached by a peer which led her to questioning everything.

By sharing these posts about feeling vulnerable, both Sam and Jo are not only enabling other people to also be vulnerable, they are simultaneously stepping into their own power refusing to become the victim. They were prepared to share their vulnerability in the knowledge that others would benefit from them speaking up and publicly highlighting, confronting and voicing these moments of vulnerability.

Back in episode 005 The Art of Social Selling using a butterfly metaphor, Sam talked about how important it is to remind others how incredible their wings are as sometimes they can’t fully recognise their own beauty and power. I reminded Sam of this striking metaphor and she agreed that she had totally lost sight of her own wings and was grateful for the reminder.

Have you lost sight of your wings? Let me remind you right now to check your own wings out and recognise how awesome you are.

Social media content is saturated with people singing their own praises sharing celebratory moments that when you see the real side of people’s lives, the behind the scenes versions that you don’t often see, the raw moments of failure and vulnerability, they really stand out.

By being vulnerable in sharing something personal publicly, you step outside of your comfort zone with a massive display of strength, trust and inspiration. You pave the way for others to also be honest in not knowing all the answers in life and that life is full of suffering.

You are brave. You are courageous. You are strong.

“Vulnerability begets vulnerability: courage is contagious.” Brené Brown

Share the ups and the downs so that others don’t just see the glossy perfect version. Share your vulnerability as naturally this will lead you to creating real and meaningful connections with others.

Many of my podcast guests have shared their vulnerable stories and experiences on Focus on WHY. Being vulnerable demands sensitivity, respect and love. Within your vulnerability lies great power and strength. The power to stand up, to make a stand and to stand out. When you are vulnerable, people don’t lose confidence in you, instead they respect and support you.

“We are always getting ready to live, but never living.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is ok to share your imperfections. Know and celebrate who you are and the journey you are on. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Human vulnerability opens you up to connections. It enables others to help when help is needed. Vulnerability encourages growth.

Focus on Vulnerability!

ACTION POINT - How would being vulnerable help you to become more empowered today?

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