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Focus on Performance

Despite podcasting on the topic of purpose for four years and having just written a book which is now in production, I still didn’t believe I knew enough to speak about purpose as a keynote. Instead when asked to speak at events I would revert to sharing the practical aspects of podcasting as my preferred focus.  


However, I now realise that I might not ever feel that I know enough about this topic so I just figured I’d share what I’ve learned so far and start with that. That took away some of the pressure of it feeling like a huge performance.


I have to thank John Hayns for booking me specifically to keynote on the topic of purpose at his PSA region last week as in doing so he helped me to appreciate my contribution to the world on this topic. There was room for improvement on my talk especially as I forgot to include a couple of key points under the pressure of being in the spotlight.


However, considering that the audience laughed, cried and shared with me afterwards that they’d been completely captivated and inspired to take action, I’ve been encouraged to step up and speak more. In fact, the next morning, several people independently posted on LinkedIn their reactions to the talk and I was blown away by some of the comments.


‘Your keynote had me transfixed.’


‘Really great keynote yesterday, Amy, incredible story and there was plenty of 'how to' and practical application in there as well to make it extremely high value.’


‘I was pretty much on the edge of my seat the whole time. Captivating, engaging and emotional are just three of the words I would use to describe what you delivered.’


‘Still having goosebumps and needed more tissues, Amy!!! Will never forget your talk!’


‘I got home on autopilot thinking about your talk. Thank you so much for sharing your talk with us, it’s given me so much to think about’


‘It was a fabulous talk and had the whole audience entranced and engaged.’


When you establish a courageous space for yourself to lead a life of purpose and take responsibility to effect change and make a difference, this is when you can achieve the impact you desire. Change begins with you when you stand for what you believe.


Having lived with and without purpose, I’ve witnessed first-hand the vast difference between the two and it’s my mission to shine a light on just what’s possible when you Focus on WHY! That journey started with my podcast, will continue with my book when it gets published but is now also available from a stage. I’m now focusing on delivering an improved version of this first performance.


Always growing, always learning! Focus on Performance. Focus on WHY!

ACTION POINT - What’s holding you back from delivering an impactful performance?

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