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Focus on Passion

Many guests on the podcast, Focus on WHY, have spoken about how they have merged their passion and purpose to drove them towards fulfilment and achievement. Ben Wales from episode 404 People, Planet and Profit was no exception. His passion for coaching led him to found a B Corporation to help leaders and their teams to transition from high performance into high transformation.


Passions are specific activities, interests or pursuits you love engaging in most. Take time to recognise what your gifts, strengths and passions are and consider all the activities or tasks where you effortlessly excel as leveraging them is key to contributing positively to the world, bringing you a sense of fulfilment and living with purpose.


Passion fuels enthusiasm and a zest for life, igniting creativity, innovation and resilience. It's the intense emotion that propels you to pursue interests with vigour. It can help you overcome obstacles to achieve goals as when you’re passionate about something you’re more likely to think outside the box.


Purpose, on the other hand, provides direction and meaning, anchoring passion in a broader context. It guides actions toward significant goals, ensuring that efforts are not just driven by enthusiasm but also aligned with a meaningful vision.


Together, passion and purpose create a powerful synergy, enabling you to lead enriched, impactful lives, and to navigate challenges with a sense of dedication and intent.


However, it's important to balance passion with practicality. Solely pursuing passion without considering other factors, such as financial stability and long-term sustainability, can lead to challenges. Ideally, blending passion with purpose and pragmatic planning can create a well-rounded and fulfilling path. This is why the strapline I have used since day one of my launching my podcast has been: Have a purpose. Have a plan. Focus on WHY!


Remember, it's never too late to pursue your passions in life.


Focus on Passion! Focus on WHY!

Action Point: How might your strengths, gifts and passions intersect with what the world needs right now?

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