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Focus on Grit

Grit, perseverance, determination, resolution, extraordinary effort, willpower, resolve, hard work, focus; whatever words you choose to describe what you have, they all amount to the same outcome; success! Have you heard of Angela Duckworth? Allow me to tell you her story. As a young girl growing up, her father told Angela that she wasn't a genius. Determined to prove him wrong she spent her youth smashing through every academic barrier.  As an adult, Angela continued to smash through academic barriers amassing many degrees; a BA in Neurobiology at Harvard College, MSc in Neuroscience at University of Oxford and a PhD in Psychology at University of Pennsylvania. Wanting to find out if grit can be learned or cultivated, Angela focused her research on grit; a strength she defines as passion and perseverance for long-term goals.  Ironically, that same person who was told she was not a genius ended up winning an award for being one! A secret committee made up of the top people in the field of psychology awarded Dr Angela Duckworth the MacArthur Fellowship in 2013, often dubbed the ‘Genius Grant’! Attributing grit to be the common factor found among high-achievers, Angela discovered that what we eventually accomplish may depend more on our passion and perseverance than on our innate talent or IQ. Daily perseverance and deliberate practice will lead to mastery. When you master the mundane, you master life! Have a purpose. Have a plan. Focus on WHY. As Angela Duckworth proved, you may not be the smartest in the room but strive to be the grittiest! Grit prevails so go get gritty!

ACTION POINT Get gritty every day! Want to know how gritty you are now?

RECOMMENDED READING* Grit by Angela Duckworth *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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