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Focus on Conversation

When you meet someone for the first time how do you introduce yourself? Do you say something like this? "Hi, I'm Amy. I'm a Coach, Podcaster and Property Investor. How about you? What do you do?"  Then STOP! It's boring and no one will remember you!  So what could you say instead? On a zoom call, this week, I received a great conversational tip to help with just this dilemma and thought I'd share it with you here! "Travel with your own PR wherever you go, whether on zoom or in the room!" This will ensure you start a conversation where you are engaging and will leave a great memorable impression on them afterwards. Ditch the whole "my name is and what I do line" and liven up the conversation! Think about how you would like to be introduced if someone was making an introduction on your behalf and share some of the best, curious or most interesting moments of your life. Stand out and be remembered! People won't remember you for what you do but they will remember you for the curious and interesting information you've just shared with them.  How about this introduction instead? "Hi, I'm Amy. I live above Druid caves, I won an 'OSCA' and I'm also fascinated by the question WHY!" How much more interesting is that conversation going to be when you simply share what you love doing and add in some curious facts about you? By giving the other person a variety of topics, they can choose how to continue the conversation. No more tumbleweed awkward moments of silence. More importantly, there are no more "What do you do? or "Where do you live?" conversations!

ACTION POINT How could you travel with your own PR? Write your own introduction so next time you have a conversation, you stand out! Amy

RECOMMENDED READING* How to Talk to Anyone by Liel Lowndes *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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