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Focus on Attitude

In 2009, I watched a BBC TV programme called Monty Halls’ Great Escape. Turning his back on city life to rebuild a crofter’s cottage on the west coast of Scotland, Monty embraced a humble lifestyle with his dog. I was so spellbound by this idyllic idea of escaping far from the bustle of modern life, my daughter even checked to make sure I wasn’t entertaining thoughts of uprooting our lives to pursue such a dream. Though I wasn’t, it had planted a seed to escape to a more serene lifestyle in the future.


In 2019, I briefly met Monty after attending his talk on the elemental forces of success – vision, drive, resilience and belief. Stressing the importance of values being the still point in a turning world, Monty challenged the audience to reflect on the driving force and source of our pride – our identity – reminding us that possibilities are endless and that our limits are, like our fears, largely an illusion. Sharing the sentiment that attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure, he emphasised that attitude is a choice. 


My grandfather taught me from an early age never to leave things unsaid and to always express gratitude by writing to those who’ve inspired me to take action. So, in April this year, I reached out to thank Monty for inspiring me on these two occasions sharing that he’d made such an impression on me that I even close out my co-authored book with my late grandfather reflecting on the impact of both these moments.


After an exchange of messages, Monty and I recorded podcast episode 409, ‘Turn the Tide’, where Monty spoke of the importance of making conscious life choices, of your attitude, of resetting and of taking ‘control of pretty much any situation’ saying that ‘there’s always a way’. He described how the last ten years have been very turbulent, adding that ‘all of us carry a mark from those times’. However, he also said, ‘don’t underestimate the positive impact that has had on you. It has made us all more resilient, more flexible. We’re tougher now than we were ten years ago’.


In every moment recognise that it is your attitude that will determine what happens in the future and that your attitude is a choice. Your future is determined by this choice so choose wisely.


Focus on Attitude. Focus on WHY!

ACTION POINT - What choices do you need to make today to determine a more purposeful future?

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