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Focus on Adventure

What does adventure mean to you? Is it traveling to unknown destinations, starting a new hobby or activity, or is it perhaps reinventing yourself professionally? For Jenna Dominique, my guest in this week’s episode 402, it’s a transformative mindset that propels her personal and professional development. Jenna has integrated adventure into her brand and her daily life as for her it represents growth.


Think about the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone. What did you learn? How did you feel? Jenna’s journey reminds us that often life’s most fulfilling moments can come from unexpected opportunities and the courage to seize them. When you establish a courageous space for yourself to lead a life of purpose and responsibility to effect change and make a difference, this is when you can achieve the impact you desire. Change begins when you stand for what you believe.


Are you feeling stuck or in need of some excitement? Start small. Pick a new skill to learn each month, join a club, or plan a solo trip to somewhere you’ve never been. Every small step can lead to giant leaps in self-discovery and personal achievement. Adventure isn’t just about heading into the wilderness, it’s in every choice that pushes you to be braver, stronger and more curious.


Focus on Adventure! Focus on WHY! May it bring you even more purpose and passion into your life.

ACTION POINT - What's your next adventure in life?

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