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Focus on Recommendations

I need your help, please. Who do you know who…? Where would you recommend for…? What is the best kind of…? When is the best time for…?

Builders, plumbers, restaurants, holiday destinations, hotels, cars, movies, books, laptops, mobile phones, banks and so on. You’re always on the look out for a shortcut saving time researching who, what, where or when preferring to go with trusted recommendations to be reassured that the service, person or product is trustworthy and of value. Your time, energy and money are precious to you and you don’t want to waste it on anything or anyone who is substandard.

Word of mouth recommendations from friends and family are more valued than any type of advertising regardless of the price point and heavily influences your decision-making. However, whilst recommendations are respected and valued, it is important to ask the right questions to ensure that what you are looking for is relevant to you and your situation. The builder you need for a small home extension is not the same for a commercial to residential conversion.

So what about your life purpose? Who do you turn to ask which direction you should go in when you are not sure yourself? If you knew who or what you wanted, you wouldn’t need to ask for help in the first place. It’s said that you already have the answers deep within but who do you trust to help you to discover them?

It’s your future that you’re trusting someone with here. It’s not a simple case of choosing where to have dinner on Saturday night. Who do you trust to help design your life? What are the right questions to ask to find the right person for you? This is not an every day type of conversation that you have with close friends and family.

This is where you may have to rely on recommendations from outside your trusted inner circle, from a friend of a friend. This is where the importance of second connections come in, where the benefits of social media networks play their part in your life and where recommendations really come into play.

You are able to read recommendations that have been left online and start to form a clear picture before you ask those all-important questions. Someone else’s experience will resonate with your current or desired position or both and you can make a more informed decision based on what others have been willing to share publicly.

As a Life Purpose Coach, I know the right questions you should be asking and I will guide you to find your answers within. I can help you in all areas of your day-to-day life; business, careers, relationships, health and wealth. Clarity, purpose, values, direction, skills, talents, dreams, confidence, focus, goals, strategies and plans are common language in a conversation with me.

Always do your due diligence before committing to something or someone. Recommendations are to be treated as a stepping stone towards building trust. This is why I have an in-depth call with all clients before committing to working with them ensuring that we are a good fit for one another and at the right time. Recently, I started working with a client who approached me a year ago. It wasn't the right time then but it is now.

Coaching is a 'do-with' not a 'do-to' process and relies on great rapport formed between the two parties involved. To get great 'transformational' results from coaching, first you have to be willing to be coached.

Are you looking for a Life Purpose Coach recommendation? Check out what my client Jason Glassick kindly said after working with me recently. If this resonates with you then reach out and book in a free call with me today.

Focus on Recommendations!


Have you reached a crossroads or a bump in the road?

Call me today and together we can find clarity, direction and purpose for you.


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