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Focus on Collaboration

Depending on who you ask, you may receive a different answer to the question of what era do we currently live in? The Information Age, the Computer Age, the Golden Age of Innovation, the Digital Age, the New Media Age, the Experience Age or the Age of IofT (Internet of Things).

What is apparent, one way or another, is that technology has certainly dominated our recent progress and is influencing our future way of life. Perhaps it is because I have a podcast focused on purpose and people however I believe we are living in the Age of Collaboration. I appreciate that you could argue that the entirety of humanity has always been living in the Age of Collaboration. That this era has in fact spanned millennia not just the more recent decades.

Humans cannot survive without one another. We need collaboration with others to thrive. The Focus on WHY framework I advocate is to have a purpose, have a plan and focus on WHY. The plan element can be further broken down into three clear steps; choose, create and collaborate. Who you connect and collaborate with has a huge impact on how you embrace purpose and effect change.

Many Focus on WHY guests have shared their personal experiences of the power of collaboration. Gill Tiney in episode 347 Heartfelt Connection said that ‘collaboration is the being of collaboration, not the doing of collaboration’. Dave Plunkett in episode 336 Leading by Example shared his passion for connection and collaboration. Sam Knowles in 228 Using Data Smarter believes in having many collaborators in his business.

Jackie Fast in episode 150 Rule Breaker shone a spotlight on her investment in a variety of collaborations. Michelle Mills-Porter from episode 149 True Colours believes that ‘the only thing that will save the human race is our ability to collaborate’. Ges Ray in episode 025 Speak Performance uses collaboration to enable him to focus on leaving a legacy for his family.

My own personal focus on collaboration right now involves the writing of my first book alongside my grandfather. Unfortunately he is no longer alive however I am using the journal he kept for five years as a WWII Prisoner of War and the interview we recorded together 33 years ago to pull together our collaborative piece of work. I know he would be so proud of what we are going to achieve together.

Collaboration is integral to the workplace, in the home, in educational settings, sporting teams and in the community. It is deeply embedded in daily life and is essential for innovation and progress. What collaborations are you involved in right now? What change will you effect through your collaborative efforts?

Focus on Collaboration!

ACTION POINT - What collaboration could you initiate today?


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