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As a property investor, SSAS trustee and property mentor and coach, I have 15 years’ residential landlord experience and have built a portfolio of HMOs in the south of England. I specialise in identifying investment properties requiring significant refurbishment works adding value and space to each investment so they become suitable for shared living accommodation.

I bought my first property in 1999 and have been working on property refurbishments and developments since. As a property investor and developer, projects have involved commercial to residential conversions, loft conversions, rear ground floor extensions, internal room reconfigurations, a basement refurbishment, a bungalow to house conversion and heavy landscaping works.

As well as continuing to build my own property portfolio, I coach and mentor property investors seeking to achieve clarity and focus on their chosen property business model. 

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If you are looking for property coaching or mentoring, book a free 20 min call with me today here.

Here is a selection of images of refurbished properties in my property portfolio.

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Do you seek to understand more about all the different ways you can invest in property

and which model will be the right one for you?

Do you wish to work with someone you can trust to help you to navigate your way through all the noise?

Book in a free 20 min call with me today here.

I can help you to build your property portfolio using my skills and expertise in property and coaching and tapping in to the vast value of my network and connections.

Check out the testimonials from those who have worked with me. 

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