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Focus on Reputation

Listening to a new talk by my Business Mentor and podcast guest from episode 137 Chasing Freedom, Julie Creffield, at a PSA South East meeting this week, Julie asked the question “What do people say about you behind your back?”


Julie’s talk was about making you and your business the first thing on people’s minds when your topic of expertise comes up in conversation. It got me thinking about reputation and how much you can and cannot control it. Your reputation matters. It matters to you personally but crucially it matters to the success of your business.


Your reputation is a joint effort. Other people play a significant role in shaping how you are perceived however it is up to you to instigate what they say. Your words and actions form their perceptions. Of course, you cannot control what people think or say however you can help them to build and spread the reputation about you and your business that you want. Help others to be clear about what you do and why by sharing the purpose for your work. Be genuine, congruent to your values and show up authentically and consistently in person and online.


Share what matters to you. Share your WHY with clarity. Show don’t tell. How you live out your purpose reinforces your credibility. Connect your purpose to concerns and values of others. Publish testimonials of the positive outcomes of your purpose-driven actions which will resonate deeply and attract the hearts and minds of people.  


Make it easy for others to understand what you do. Encourage dialogue around your purpose so people will know what to say about you behind your back. By effectively communicating your purpose with clarity, authenticity and relatability, you can, to a degree, positively influence how others perceive you and contribute to building a strong reputation. It takes work, consistency and patience. Make the effort.


Focus on Reputation!


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