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Focus on Giving

Sometimes when someone starts speaking you are hooked from their very first word through to their very last word. For me, this was to be one of those moments.

It was 31st January 2023 and I attended a wonderful online networking meeting called Collaboration Global hosted by Gill Tiney. The keynote speaker was Paul Dunn, Co-Founder of B1G1, who brilliantly demonstrated how to stand for something bigger than yourself to become impact-driven. He shared how purpose enriches lives quoting an article published in the Harvard Business Review, that you don’t find your purpose, you build it.

Paul said that you have a choice as to what your legacy looks like; not only when you are no longer alive but right now while you are still very much living. Your choice is either to be a legacy of consumption or one of contribution! Paul is both living and leveraging his legacy now.

Speaking with him again yesterday, he said that he might not be here today had he not found his WHY. That B1G1 had given him another dimension of living with purpose. Paul and I will be recording a Focus on WHY podcast episode soon so watch out for that!

What was it about the organisation B1G1 that Paul co-founded that so captivated my attention? Originally it started out as an initiative called Buy1Give1, backed by the concept that when a business transaction took place then a specific giving act was designated to it to create impact. Today the B1G1 initiative brings together more than 2600 businesses from around the world.

B1G1 - Creating a world full of giving!

I am proud to share that I am one of those businesses and the work that I have done with my clients since I signed up on the 31st January has already created impact across seven different Sustainable Development Goals with 924 impacts in total.

What are these 924 impacts?

1 day of education for a girl in Kinshasa

1 day of empowerment for a woman leader

3 days of business training and micro-finance support to women

5 days of business training

20 days of support to children of Devadasi

30 days of financial and business training to women in Burundi

84 days of access to personal hygiene to girls in need

90 days of access to the toilet to families in Malawi

90 days of transportation for children to get to school

100 days of education for children in the world

500 days of access to clean water for people in the world

How will you make a difference?

How will your business make a difference?

How will your clients make a difference?

Make a difference together! Focus on Giving!


P.S. If B1G1 sparks your interest, please do let me know as I'd love to share more. If you do choose to join B1G1, please use my unique code BM16478. I don’t benefit from this financially, however, when you join through this code, 50 days of access to education are given to children in the world! How awesome is that?

ACTION POINT - How does your business make an impact in the world?

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