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Focus on Commitment

Your commitment is shown in the action you take every moment of every day. How you spend your time is a great indication of where you demonstrate commitment in your life. If your life is not as fulfilling as you want it to be, take a look at how you spend your time and make the necessary changes.

The choice to focus on commitment is not coincidental as today is my 22nd wedding anniversary and Jon and I are heading off shortly to celebrate our special day together at Chartwell, the family home and garden of Sir Winston Churchill.

Chartwell promises treasures, gifts and personal belongings and it seems very apt that we are visiting the home of Churchill as, perhaps more so than most, he was a man who truly understood the gravitas of a focus on commitment.

Jon and I have now been together for over 28 years and our relationship is built upon the commitment we made to one another back in 1995. My marriage is just one example of a commitment I have made and focused on to make it a real success. It’s not always been easy however I am committed to making it work.

On reflection I recognise just how key commitment has been, and continues to be, in making things I want to happen in life. I am not afraid of taking responsibility and making commitments. As a 12 year old I was encouraged by my art teacher to show courage of conviction and as a result recognise the potential of commitment to be more productive in my life. I have held on to that piece of advice ever since although if I’m being really honest I probably didn’t really understand what she really meant until more recent years!

This is my 148th consecutive Friday Focus newsletter and the ongoing release of Focus on WHY podcast episodes are two more examples of a commitment I have made to serving my audience. Now three years since launching the show amidst the global pandemic I’m edging ever closer to my 350th episode. 350 will be marked with a special episode of my first ever interview aged just 15 where I asked my grandfather questions about his time as a prisoner of war which I only unearthed this year as part of my book research.

The most recent commitment I’ve made is connected to the book I’m writing about life purpose which features my grandfather and the journal he kept for five years as a prisoner of war. This week, with my editor, we set the milestones and dates for the first seven chapters, the remaining chapters and the first full draft submission. Having made these three commitments, I am now totally focused on delivering and meeting each milestone.

I even chose dates which were significant to me personally to ensure that they would be more meaningful and hold me more accountable to meeting them. The first date is 29th October 2023 which is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. My first draft submission is due on 15th April 2024 which would have been his 106th birthday. My grandfather therefore continues to play a key part in the development of the writing of the book just as he played a key role in my first twenty-one years of life.

In my book I will share with you the process that I work through with all my life purpose coaching clients. ‘Commit’ is the seventh step of my nine step purpose framework. This transformative process really works and helps people to achieve an inspired, fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

What are you committed to doing today that will take you on the path to your purposeful life full of contribution, service and meaning?

Make a commitment and Focus on WHY!

Focus on Commitment!

ACTION POINT - How do you spend your time every day? Are you committed to doing what really matters to you?


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