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Relatable, uplifting and inspiring conversations based on one simple question: WHY? One thing all guests have in common is their FOCUS ON WHY.



The intention of this podcast is to encourage the audience to focus on their WHY, to enable and empower them to achieve their desires. 


Have a purpose. Have a plan.


Podcast Episodes 50 to 100



“The more visible you are, the more people you can reach. When you reach out to help people, the ripple effect will naturally occur. Don't expect anything in return. Just aim to give value to make that difference. I believe that with a ripple effect, it gives you the power to literally change the world, person by person.”

Everyone has a story to tell! 100 episodes since the launch of this podcast, there have been many laughs and there have been many tears. In fact there has been a whole range of emotions as each guest has taken the audience with them on a unique journey whilst sharing their WHY. To celebrate this 100th episode landmark, host Amy Rowlinson invited members of the podcast audience from all over the world to share what ripple effects have taken place as a result of tuning in to Focus on WHY.

The Ripple Effect with Amy Rowlinson


“Think of purpose as the beam from a lighthouse, even if the sea is rough and dark, you know where to go.” Davide Pagnotta

Reflections and Observations Episodes 93-98 with Amy Rowlinson
Li Hayes.png


“I just find that other people’s success brings me joy. I enjoy being the spotlight holder and while I will do podcasts like this with you I hope I bring value to others, you'll never find me on a main stage. It just doesn't interest me to be in the spotlight. I love shining it on others. It's a little bit like giving a gift.”

Just after a redundancy, a serendipitous phone call from her brother led Li Hayes down a new path. Leaving the corporate environment behind her, Li entered into an industry that she now loves and where she is able to shine the spotlight on others. Establishing a successful business around fulfilment, Li helps emerging speakers to find their way onto the main stage and with all the key elements involved in the business of speaking.

Path to the Main Stage with Li Hayes
Hayley Appleby-Burtt.png

KEY TAKEAWAY   “I also had days where I just felt completely lost and so alone and probably the most emotional I've ever felt in my whole entire life. I have friends around me, I have family but yet, I still felt this emptiness. So when I started Family Unfiltered, it just gave me this purpose and I could write about things that I was dealing with every day. It just became this natural flow.”

Taking a concept and growing a brand bringing people’s ideas to life through design is Hayley Appleby-Burtt’s passion. After becoming a mum in 2017 and reassessing her life’s purpose, Hayley identified that it was time for a new adventure. Two years later, she launched her ‘unpreachy’, ‘non-teachy’ parenting blog, Family Unfiltered with many of her articles featured as a ‘must-read’ on Medium, one of the world’s biggest blogging sites.

After receiving great feedback from her blogs, Hayley decided to build and launch her own website. After receiving several inquiries as to who had built her website, Hayley’s business brain kicked into overdrive and Orange Lamb, a branding agency helping people to stand out in their field, was formed.

Stand Out in Your Field with Hayley Appleby-Burtt
Bushra Mohammed.png


“Just start it and don't worry about it now. Just be more prolific rather than trying to be perfect all the time. I love that quote by the author of Winnie the Pooh when he says you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

With a background in property law, Bushra Mohammed took time out from her legal career to raise her three children. Following the sudden illness of her husband she realised that relying on one income was no longer enough to put food on the table and pay the bills and that should illness strike again they would be in a vulnerable position. Bushra shares how following her passion in property took her on journey to find the security and freedom she desired.

Do What Makes You Happy with Bushra Mohammed
Martin Morrison.png


“The moment you truly surrender to the universe, accept the fact that whether you go for it or not, nothing is going to hit you harder than life. Just surrender to life and say to yourself what do I really want to do today?”

From an early age, Martin Morrison saw glimpses of who he was supposed to be, and after an intense nervous breakdown at 21, when “Martin” effectively died, he was able to repeatedly reinvent himself. Despite displaying a strong warrior spirit and a resilient mentality, every time he started, it was only a matter of time before things would go wrong. Martin shares how discovering his purpose has since transformed his life.

Truth with Clarity with Martin Morrison
Manj Mahal.png


“Accept to achieve your goals, you have to keep sowing the seeds. If one door closes, the other one will surely open. Be inquisitive and never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Be clear about your guiding principles because they will guide you like a lighthouse when you’re lost.”

Originally from India and from a family of landowners, farmers and market traders, Manj Mahal was bought up with strong values around leaving a legacy, loyalty, hard work, helping others, contributing to your community and always thriving to be a better version of yourself.

Manj is at her happiest when she is with her family and connecting with other people at deeper level. Helping, supporting, motivating people and going through new experiences which intellectually stimulate and challenge her self-limiting beliefs.

Be Something in Your Life with Manj Mahal
Amit Sodha.png


“We are all completely connected in every way, shape and form. We live in a universe where we're all connected. We live in a universe of contrast and that contrast enables us to then decide what we'd like to experience while we're here in the physical world. The power of contrast gives us that choice. We understand that there are things which are good that we'd love to have, do or be and there are things which are bad, which we want to try and avoid.”

Transformational Coach, Amit Sodha talks of the distinction between soul and role and how it is fundamental to our lives. We may play different roles in life but we choose what we do in life from the conscious place of our soul, a place of love and purpose. The name Amit means infinite, immeasurable or boundless and it is definitely not by accident that Amit Sodha chose his blog name to be called Unlimited Choice. Amit says we all have the potential at any given moment to consciously choose our journey, choose a different path and choose a different outcome.

Unlimited Choice with Amit Sodha


“Your body is a constant projection of you in the world. Every cell eavesdrops on your thoughts. You cannot respond to the world without affecting your tissues and organs. Without a body you cannot connect to the universe; therefore your body is the vehicle of your evolution.” Deepak Chopra

Reflections and Observations Episodes 86-91 with Amy Rowlinson


Bald Business

Richard Little.png


“Choice feeds the WHY because if you’ve got a choice, you can pick and choose your WHY. The choice and the WHY are linked. The WHY is about gaining that choice. It’s whatever you need to do to create that choice. It comes two ways. It comes from baby steps, doing things in increments or giant leaps and they’re the things we’ve engineered and managed. The key is for me, having the choice and making the choice.”

Choice, caution and challenges are the main themes of discussion with property developer, Richard Little who is keen to instil balance to people who are looking to enter into the property industry. Richard talks of the importance of understanding the WHY of those around you whether that’s your family, your inner circle or your team.

Make a Difference with Richard Little
Laura Serrant.png


“We've all got stories to tell and we've all got a voice. If we don't use our voice and tell our own stories, other people will speak for us and at best, they'll mistell our stories and get it wrong. But at worse, they'll render us silent.”

Focused on health and health inequalities, Professor Laura Serrant OBE has contributed towards many health policies during her career which have given people a better chance of health and life. Starting out in nursing over 35 years ago, Laura charts her journey throughout this evolving period of medicine and the politics she has been involved with in terms of the distribution of three key resources; time, support and investment. These resources each affect our health and our life chances with a lesser or greater chance of our wellbeing.

Silence Speaks with Prof. Laura Serrant OBE
Lara Cowan.png


“You have to forgive yourself for what you think. Forgive other people for what they think and what they do and just look forward. Living your truth is the best favour you can do to the world.”

Growing up, Lara Cowan was a confident high-achiever and spent every minute she could outdoors. However, her mental health was put under serious strain when she married the wrong man too young. Shielding her relationship trauma from others, she spent the next two decades in survival mode, searching for healing. Lara is now on a mission to create a healing centre, a school of nature, to work with children, adults and the elderly showing them how nature can help them lead fulfilling lives.

School of Nature with Lara Cowan
Ryan Carruthers.png


“It's that buzz of seeing that opportunity and running with it. The older I get the more I understand about capacity and does that align with you? Does that align with the business? Is it something that is going to enhance your life? If not, then no, we're not going to do that but spot that opportunity and then say, can we do that with the capacity that we've got?”

From property sourcing to building portfolios, from creating memberships to founding trading communities, Ryan Carruthers has created his own luck through his deep understanding of how to tap into both his potential and the potential of others to excel in business. Automatically protecting the downside in his approach to business and life, ‘student of the game’ Ryan lives a life of his own design whilst never breaking his strict rules.

Create Your Own Luck with Ryan Carruthers
Michael Budensiek.png


“It’s hard for us to separate ‘this is what I want most’ versus ‘this is what I want now’. We are putting ourselves in a position where we are constantly putting off what we really want for what we are just trying to figure out in the moment.”

As a personal trainer and fitness coach, Michael Budensiek believes that he is privileged to be in a profession where you are able to truly change the whole person. Taking people from their lowest low to their highest high in their life, he helps them with nutrition and exercise, he listens to their problems and works on their behaviour management. Michael believes that exercise is powerful as it gives you the courage and strength to take on the world.

Take the Next Step with Michael Budensiek
Sam Farrow.png


“It's really important for me to get to the WHY. I need to understand the person who has engaged us. I need to understand their business. I need to understand where they want to go, why they're doing it and what we do is we write the story down first.”

Colouring in is what Sam Farrow loves doing more than anything and she is very good at it! A qualified graphic designer for over 30 years, Sam helps brands with purpose to make a positive difference. Aligning marketing activities with their mission and their ambitions, Sam works closely with companies to define, strengthen and share their brand message with their customers, users, partners and stakeholders. Sam shares WHY she loves finding the purest form of communication using words and pictures to instantly tell a story.

Creative Evolution with Sam Farrow


“At what point, do we choose to allow things to build up before we take back control and move forward again? It goes back to the expression, often when you are in the frame, you can’t see the picture and it is so true.”

Reflections and Observations Episodes 79-84 with Amy Rowlinson
Nigel Risner.png


“You sometimes can't forget the past, but you need to let go of the past and it's a massive thing for me. It's my biggest WHY. That if you can forgive yourself for things you've done wrong, you need to learn from it. The biggest thing that holds you back in your best communication is your ability to forgive other people.”

Are you a lion, elephant, monkey or dolphin? Focusing on communication, leadership and forgiveness, Nigel Risner explains how he uses his ‘animal theory’ expounded in his book ‘It’s a Zoo Around Here’ to categorise people according to four communication styles which helps to demonstrate how teams can benefit from the interplay of its different members.

The Power of Forgiveness with Nigel Risner
Justine Kirkham & Julia Wetherell.png


“We were very naive, I suppose in some ways, but we learned very quickly. We learnt on the job and every single project that we've done so far has taught us more and more. The good thing is again, having two of us, one of us might learn one thing and one of us might learn another and then that brings two sets of knowledge together which is fantastic.”

Working together towards a common goal of freedom is very fulfilling for Noted Property sisters Justine Kirkham and Julia Wetherell. They love working together, sharing their worries and their risks as well as the upsides! Their WHY is about creating stability for their families’ future building a portfolio for the long term. Both Justine and Julia remain passionate about property which means every day they love what they do despite the usual frustrations which most developers experience!

Take Control of Your Life with Justine Kirkham and Julia Wetherell
Kevin Whelan.png


“A few years spent creating financial independence means you're set fair, independent of whatever happens to the economy, independent of what happens to your employer, independent of what happens in the world where there's a pandemic or not, whether the stock market goes up or down.”

Kevin Whelan spends his whole life trying to encourage people to stop trading their time for money under the illusion that it gives. Instead Kevin recommends that people focus on wealth building to become financially independent and create a legacy for generations to come using the Seven Pillars of Wealth system.

Wealth Building with Kevin Whelan
Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry.png


“The source of all human suffering is trying to obtain what's unobtainable and avoid what's unavoidable. For me, that was the source of my suffering, trying to live this positive life and only think that that exists and trying to avoid all the challenges.”

As a specialist in universal laws, Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry is empowering people by educating them and guiding them in their growth to find the solution to their biggest problems. By teaching them to transform their perceptions and by helping them to overcome their toughest life challenges, they heal themselves physically and emotionally.

Manmeet helps them to learn more about who they are, breaking free of the restrictions that are holding them back from living a life they love: a life that is purposeful, meaningful, inspiring and fulfilling. Understanding that everyone lives by a unique hierarchy of individual life priorities has been pivotal to Manmeet's own life discovery and she has dedicated her life to sharing this finding with others.

A Life by Design with Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry
Ann Wilson.png


“So I started off with the WHY for me but it's evolved. WHY for life, WHY for the planet because I know that for me, by doing this, I'm now able to contribute to wildlife, to the earth, abundantly and I've got the resources available to help.”

Achieving all she wanted to in the engineering world and having created her own financial freedom by learning how to invest and create assets, Ann Wilson decided to leave the infrastructure world and instead focus on helping thousands break free from debt, financial restriction and anxiety by teaching people how to manage money better and learn how to create real wealth generating assets. 

Time, Energy & Money with Ann Wilson


The Wealth Chef - Ann Wilson


Simon Pollard.png


"The outdoors is part of our DNA and even if we have allowed our minds to forget, our bodies remember. When you go outside, you take a breath of fresh air and you do it unconsciously.”

Get outside to celebrate and enjoy what the world has to offer. Be present and use your senses to allow yourself to connect with nature. Simon Pollard ensures that people are not wasting a minute of their life by taking them into the countryside and providing guided walks awakening them to the environment that surrounds them. 

The Five Senses with Simon Pollard


"How often do you follow the trend just because that’s the way it has always been done? Have you stopped to assess whether that way no longer serves you, serves others? Could it be that there are other routes that you could pursue to achieve what you desire? Open your mind and create opportunities. Sometimes a different approach is all that is needed."

Reflections and Observations Episodes 72-77 with Amy Rowlinson

BOOK RECOMMENDATION*   Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

Charlie Calder-Potts.png


“I was the youngest female was artist that’s ever been sponsored by the British Army. I was with them for a month, literally travelling by foot, by car, by helicopter and I was in the armoured vehicles out on patrols.”

With her love for travel, history and art, Charlie Calder-Potts has bent her practice around her passions. Combining travelling and painting, in 2014 she was commissioned by the British Army becoming the youngest ever female Official War Artist at 28. Sharing her experiences of being an artist based in Camp Bastion, Helmand Province in Afghanistan and also training as a Russian Icon artist, Charlie believes that it is possible to follow your passion. 

Creative Perspective with Charlie Calder-Potts
Sir Badminton of Bitcoin.png


“We are entering the 21st century with a money that came about in the 16th century and a financial and banking system that is from the early 20th century. It’s time for an internet money that is borderless, frictionless, censorship-resistant, that is unseizable, that is immutable and permissionless and one that facilitates and improves trade globally for both individuals and societies as a whole.”

Why might you consider investing in Bitcoin? Sir Badminton of Bitcoin aka @HodlerThanThou has distilled 6,000 hours of Bitcoin investment knowledge into an hour to share what he has learnt over the last four years covering the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of Bitcoin investment. 

Why Bitcoin? with Sir Badminton of Bitcoin
Sam Norris.png


“Whatever you want to do, you can achieve it. There's nothing that's impossible if you put your mind to it. If you educate yourself and you surround yourself with the right people, the right supportive people, the network, then whatever it is that you want to achieve, you can do it because I am starting to realise that myself.”

Sam Norris thought he was applying for a stockbroker role and turned up for the group interview. It was a miscommunication with a recruitment consultant as the role was actually for a mortgage broker. Honesty paid off though as Sam explained the situation and they offered him the role on the spot. A new career path was forged. 13 years since qualifying as a mortgage broker, Sam has just launched his own business, Grand Union Finance. Passionate to help others become financially literate, Sam has launched a YouTube channel and you will often see him doing Insta lives ‘entucating’ people in finance. His unique way of entertaining and educating simultaneously!

The Game of Loans with Sam Norris
Nick James.png


“I'm all for them getting the opportunities that I had. To be around alternative education but I'm also not going to ram it down their throats. I'm not going to make them do it. And I think that way you give them choice and I think it's way better for them to choose to spend time learning something than me forcing it upon them.”

From dropping out of university, a failed first coaching business and a mistake which cost him £50k out of his own pocket to building and selling a business for seven figures, Nick James has had his fair share of a rollercoaster business life. Nick experienced a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment which changed his life at the age of 12 and he has since gone on to make many choices which enable him to play the bigger game, create opportunities and fulfil his grand visions.

Choices and Opportunities with Nick James
Sarah Trumble.png


“As you get older and your priorities change and your life changes, you start to take stock of how you work and where the balance is in terms of what you're doing. Do your own thing! Give it a go!”

Immersing people into a brand, stimulating all their senses and enabling them to engage with that brand, product or service is a powerful marketing tool and one that Sarah Trumble takes to the next level for the ambitious brands who want a different approach. With a passion for people and what makes them tick, connection is at the core of WHY Sarah Trumble set up her experiential agency, Circus Brand Experience. 
“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” P.T. Barnum

A Different Approach with Sarah Trumble
Mark Stokes.png


“It's a very complex equation where my life has always been about change, radical change, evolutionary change and remaining calm and being able to draw the positives out of every situation where I can.”

Walk a mile in another person’s shoes to understand what great looks like to them, to strike the balance and to create shared value as this is how remarkable things can happen according to Mark Stokes. Determined to live a life of fulfilment, Mark walks us through his transition from corporate life to a life where he is now in full control of his whole personal economy and is able to spend more time with his family. Mark is in demand as a speaker, podcaster, trainer and mentor on the subjects of business, commercial property investment and development, and SSAS pensions.

Create Shared Value with Mark Stokes
R&O 071.png


“The connections we form with the people around us, the stories we share, how we communicate our messages and the fundamental understanding of human behaviour all lie at the heart of these stories. Why do we do what we do? Despite the technological advances in life, human behaviour hasn't really changed much over the millennia. We still seek belonging and purpose in how we live our lives.”

Reflections and Observations Episodes 65-70 with Amy Rowlinson
Bill Schley.png


“You're always looking for the heart of the matter. You're looking to find the centre of everything. What is the most important idea inside of everything? It's always the simplest idea. The simple message always wins. You've got to distil an idea down to six or seven words. The centre is the genesis of everything. Once you find the centre, it's literally like a nucleus and your ideas explode from that centre and it’s unforgettable.”

It’s not what people hear, it’s what they repeat! Less is more! Award-winning branding expert, Bill Schley, gives us a masterclass on messaging sharing the #1 communication secret of how to distil messaging using micro-scripts. In the survival of the simplest, find out exactly how to apply the Micro-Script Rules to tell your story and differentiate your brand in seven words or less!

Keep it Simple with Bill Schley


“When I write authentically or when I post if I do a little video and I'm just speaking from the heart, I always get a really positive response. I think there's this strange myth that doing very curated content is somehow easier than doing the real content. That is not true, everyone! It is much easier doing authentic content however you do need to practice.”

With previous years spent in marketing content creation, fundraising, media writing and brand documentary through social media, not to mention eight years as a holistic therapist, Marina Conway-Gordon decided to combine these skills and shine a light on the humans in business, and the purpose that drives the brand. She shows brand leaders and teams how to articulate the real, beating heart of the brand online, and to start talking about the things that matter to their community. Newsflash, it’s not ads!

Real Connection with Marina Conway-Gordon


“Look up. Have positive thoughts. We are going through a lot of stuff at the moment but there is always a new beginning. It's just how your mind is and how you see things.”

Self-development, positivity, focus and energy are the themes covered in this episode with Pranic Healer, Angela Rigby. Angela’s approach to wellbeing and mental health ignited after experiencing burnout and led to an unrivalled passion and purpose in her life. From a traumatic business in the fire and flood restoration industry to an enlightening conversation that changed everything. With peace of mind, this was Angela’s way forward.

Everything is Energy with Angela Rigby


“You don't always need to know. You just need to keep going and things will unfold and they will start to make sense but just keep taking the next step. I suppose that's what I did. I did not give up on myself. I did not even know if property was the answer but it just happened to be”

In her early 20s, Shally Singh sought independence and moved from her family home in India to London to study fashion at university. Shally attributes the time she has invested in her own personal development and having a strong circle of influence to being critical elements that have allowed her the freedom of choice to live life as she wishes. Years of taking action consistently have paid off and Shally sees it as a liberating experience to know that you can actually achieve whatever you want in life if you take daily action towards your goal!

Invest in Yourself First with Shally Singh

BOOK RECOMMENDATION*         The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy


KEY TAKEAWAY    “Take time for planning. Take time to appreciate what you've got, the people around you, who you've got and just take it easier on yourself. Stop judging yourself, that prejudgment, that prejudice that you have towards yourself. That's lethal. And you're not always right. That's the lesson that's taken me a while to learn and I think it's dangerous to live in a bubble.”

Marcus Cauchi’s primary focus is to help technology companies grow or turn them around which requires a complex combination of a good deal of hard thinking and the right systems, strategy, structure, people and partnerships. Getting to the root of the real problems and holding up a mirror to his clients, Marcus focuses on their vision, clarity and purpose and asks them three key questions: Where? WHY? How? It’s his job to challenge them and their thinking.

Challenge Your Thinking with Marcus Cauchi


It is no longer possible really to hide behind a corporate brand because people buy people. Everybody buys people these days and people want to align with the people behind the businesses or the brands because we're all socially conscious. We have values and we want to make sure that if we're spending money with somebody, well people like me anyway, I would always rather spend money with somebody whose values aligned with my own.”

Connection and relationships are at the heart of everything Jane Bayler does in life putting people before profit every time. The Smart Connector is the name of her bestselling book, her podcast and her business. Using communication, influence and rapport, Jane is on a mission to empower as many people as possible particularly entrepreneurs to become better communicators and to become more powerful versions of themselves.

The Smart Connector with Jane Bayler
R&O 64.png


“We all have the ability to identify our superpowers, to point them in the right direction, to shield ourselves from the kryptonite, to set our compass on the right course using simple yet powerful effective goal mapping techniques to get us there.”

Reflections and Observations Episodes 58-63 with Amy Rowlinson


“Spend time finding your compass but don’t wait. Don’t wait until you think you have the perfect vision or the perfect compass to really start making change and making a positive impact now. Look for ways that you might be able to do that in your job at the moment. Are you part of something bigger?”

Lisa Gill shares how important it is to align your own purpose and mission with that of the company you work with to reach personal fulfilment and job satisfaction. Reminding us also to not underestimate the role which you play within working towards the company’s bigger purpose or vision, Lisa shares how her work at Parkinson’s UK enables her unique skills and strengths to help unleash the company’s potential and impact.  

The Rocket and the Compass with Lisa Gill


“I will never win! I am in a profession where I will never win. I will get close but I will never win the game. You’re always striving to improve.”

As Principal Town Planner, Jon McDermott believes planning makes a difference to our landscape acting as the last line of defence to shape places and influence the human world. Always learning and refining his practice, Jon is keen to make an impact and is passionate about educating others to ensure people understand why it is critical that the right site has the right development at the right time.

Planning Vision with Jon McDermott


“So the first thing we do is we find their superpowers because only when you use your superpowers, which are your uber, uber strengths that are deeply connected to your pleasure sensors, can you do joyful work.”

Are you heading towards being 50 year old corporate toast? How do you become midlife unstuck? Career satisfaction designer, Lucia Knight explains her ingenious engineering design philosophy to help people find solutions to their midlife problems. Lucia says we all have superpowers within us and if we point them in the right direction we can solve our super problems. However, we also have kryptonite which can get in the way of achieving what we desire. How do we rid the kryptonite and take control of our superpowers?

Superpowers and Kryptonite with Lucia Knight


X Change - Lucia Knight


KEY TAKEAWAY  “Gradually he helped me to believe in myself, as I built my belief in myself, so I formed the brain cell connections which compensated for the learning challenges and the words just sort of started to come into focus. The more I practiced, the easier it’d become.”

After achieving incredible success and becoming very wealthy at a young age, Brian Mayne’s life suddenly crashed dramatically overnight aged 29. Just when it seemed like it was the end of the world for him, a personal development trainer explained the science of positive thinking to Brian and that one person changed everything.
Learning to read and write at the age of 30, Brian started a new life reading a book a week. Leaning on the simplicity of ancient wisdom, Brian devised the Goal Mapping system that was simple enough to be universally used by children and world leading organisations alike. Brian’s mission is to help seven million people lift their lives with success systems by 2023. So far he has reached five million people.

Goal Mapping with Brian Mayne


“Keep learning because the more you learn, the more you earn. And not only in a monetary way, not only in a financial way, the more you earn of admiration, the more you earn of love, the more you earn of pleasure and joy and blissfulness in life. Learn as much as you can because when you learn yourself, you can help many other people.”

Olga Geidane is a mindset coach and speaker and in this podcast she shares WHY she is so passionate to help a billion people to transform their personal lives, relationships and businesses simultaneously one step at a time in order to become fulfilling, remarkable and authentic people. With a lifelong interest in personal development, Olga describes how finding a book aged 13 years old changed the course of her life forever and how she now follows her passion and her heart.

Follow Your Heart with Olga Geidane


“The nature of life is reinvention and constant changes so you’re never settled and you’re never in the final leg of the journey because tomorrow something crazy might happen and you're going to grab another opportunity and just go for it.”

Karolina Adamczyk believes in never looking back! She is firmly focused on the future and sets her own rules in life. As Chief Visionary Officer, Karolina uses photorealistic visualisation to help people to visualise the end result of a property development specifying every single detail leaving no space for interpretation. She embraces crazy opportunities continually disrupting and reinventing both herself and her business.  

Crazy Opportunities with Karolina Adamczyk


“Every one of us has the power to affect change. First, we need to self-reflect and challenge ourselves to be selfless, and be motivated to help others.”

Reflections and Observations Episodes 50-56 with Amy Rowlinson


“When I started running, it was hard and every step of the way, not my body, my mind told me to stop. If you can coach yourself to keep going when your own mind is telling you not to then you will be ok. And if you can’t find a way to keep going call me or call the Samaritans because your life is worth it.”

Canaries only sing in good environments and Melissa Curran has created ‘The Canary Concept’ to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Having battled with anxiety, depression, burnout and grief herself, Melissa now uses valuable insights of her own life experiences to motivate and inspire change for the better and remove the stigma behind mental health.

The Canary Concept with Melissa Curran


“We all know how making a change, putting yourself in uncomfortable positions breaking down barriers, how immensely difficult that is, and particularly trying to do it on your own that sometimes the best way is to take a small step forward and then get comfortable and then push again. It’s an incremental thing.”

Building relationships, common sense investment and breaking down barriers to push outside her comfort zone are all daily activities for Louise Reynolds. With a background in marketing and management consultancy, her love of travelling and property enabled her to leave the corporate world behind to build a business around her passions where she has spent years helping others to invest with common sense.

Common Sense Investment with Louise Reynolds


“Challenge yourself. Challenge your thinking. Whenever a thought comes into your mind, recognise it, challenge it. What is that about? Is there a better opportunity? Is there a better option than that thought? Because our thoughts drive everything. It’s got nothing to do with the events. It's all about perception of the events. So challenge your thinking.”

Richard Thorpe talks about the real world resilience that is needed to survive and thrive in life. He places particular emphasis over why it is so important to have absolute clarity on your WHY if you are to achieve your potential in life and has even shaped his own model of WHY after his training in coaching, counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and from his experiences in business and sport.

Real World Resilience with Richard Thorpe


“Sense of community is probably one of the most important things. It's about understanding that you are not alone and whatever is going on in your life, it's happened to someone else before. You can reach out and you can speak to other people. It's understanding that by doing that, you're more likely to reach a different outcome.”

Family and community have always played a huge part in Matt Baker’s life and the desire to build sustainable communities is the foundation on which he has co-founded his businesses. Leaving a musical legacy behind is also fundamental to Matt and you will often hear him introduce himself as the Piano Playing Property Investor. As a developer of Next Level HMOs and Co-living properties, Matt’s vision is to create a positive impact on HMO and Co-living communities across the UK, creating lifelong peace of mind and well-being for both tenant and landlord.

A Sense of Community with Matt Baker


“Don't beat yourself up when things go wrong. If things go wrong, it's all part of the process so don't let that stop you. Like the title of the podcast, focus on the WHY. If things go wrong, just go back to basics and reevaluate everything, learn from those mistakes and just start again.

Niall Scott never enjoyed working for others. Jumping from job to job, he realised that working for himself was the only solution for him but didn’t quite know how to get started. When his father passed away, Niall reevaluated everything and started to think about the bigger picture. First, he invested in himself, in his mindset and then subsequently has invested in property building a portfolio of next level co-living spaces for working professionals and is now focused on social housing. 

Reevaluate Everything with Niall Scott


“Be brave! Be bold! Be brilliant. You only have one life. Every single person has greatness within them. No regrets. Go all out and really push yourself beyond what you think you're capable of because that's where the magic happens.”

Jeannette Linfoot is on a mission to live the best life and be the best version of herself. Having always been the only woman in the boardroom, she recognises that there is so much untapped talent in this world and she wants to be able to unlock that potential to help people live their best versions of their lives too whilst leaving a lasting impact on this world. 

Be Brave! Be Bold! Be Brilliant! with Jeannette Linfoot


“Whatever you're doing, make sure it's right for you because that's where you can get your passion from, the energy to give you passion. Enjoy it. Do it with passion. Do it with grace as well. I think if everyone did that, the world would be a more energetic, passionate and friendly place to live.”

WHY is such a powerful question and according to Mike Bristow once you know WHY something works intuitively through experience you should be asking WHY in a different context around the emotional intelligence that drives a far richer viewpoint on life. In this episode, you will discover what Mike’s passions are, how important absolute focus is and what his views are on legacy, cricket, property, crowdfunding and winning.

Absolute Focus with Mike Bristow


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