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Relatable, uplifting and inspiring conversations based on one simple question: WHY? One thing all guests have in common is their FOCUS ON WHY.



The intention of this podcast is to encourage the audience to focus on their WHY, to enable and empower them to achieve their desires. 


Have a purpose. Have a plan.


Podcast Episodes 1-49


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“Four questions to ponder: Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not now?” Jim Rohn

Reflections and Observations Episodes 43-48 with Amy Rowlinson


“If you haven't got the balance between achievement and fulfilment, right, if you're not constantly learning and having some sort of personal growth and making a contribution, things can feel very, very flat. If you're thinking I'm not on the path I should be, I’m on a path that may be someone else's path or I was making decisions because I was scared, I would encourage you to stop the journey to get on the right path.”

Nick Bradley shares his journey of personal development and self-discovery after a spectacular burnout and how he now believes that all the best decisions come from the heart. Nick is passionate about personal and professional development, showing up and being the best version of himself every day. His bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations so they can follow their dreams and live life more on their terms utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.

Start with a Vision with Nick Bradley


“The state of energy which has kept me open to possibilities was having a sense of play. I never lost that childlike sense of play.”

What happens when as an international blues and jazz singer your voice suddenly produces robotic noises? This is what happened to Kerri Layton as she shares on this podcast the shocking story of how at the height of her singing career she was rushed straight in for an emergency operation on her vocal chords. Terrified, Kerri went into that hospital theatre not knowing whether she would ever sing again.

The Gift of a Lifetime with Kerri Layton


“The quality of our relationships with other people impacts on our mental health, on our physical health and on how long we live. So it's really important. It does take effort and if you've got to start somewhere, put a lot of that effort into the relationships and the quality of the relationships that you have with other people.”

Frederika Roberts is an ordinary person who has experienced extraordinary events. In business, she has learnt at least as much from her mistakes as from the things she got right. Her personal life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, yet Frederika feels exceptionally lucky and describes herself as ‘fundamentally happy’. In this podcast, she shares her poignant, emotional yet insightful journey and WHY she does what she does!

Positive Psychology with Frederika Roberts

KEY TAKEAWAY   “Just cherish yourself and trust that you are valuable, you are glorious. Just enjoy it and make the most of it. When you can do that, then you can begin to author your own future. When you step beyond expectation, go inside and reflect and then start to express that out. What difference do I want to make? What legacy do I want to create?”

Richard Hagen has always lived with purpose and has always asked the question WHY? His biggest challenges in life have been when his personal missions have clashed with the external reality or the external agent that would be the channel that his purpose would be expressed through. Richard shares stories from his life which include ‘committing suicide’ at the Edinburgh Festival, being mugged by an Orthodox priest in Jerusalem and surviving a few years as a Year Six Class Teacher in Sarf London. Now as a traditional publisher, Richard’s calling is to author the future.

Author Your Future with Richard Hagen


Speak Performance - Ges Ray



“Be more curious than afraid because you're going to spot the possibilities and that's going to give you endless amounts of opportunity and abundance and fulfilment.”

Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour is a professional possibilist, neuroscience nerd, executive coach, a recovering perfectionist and a catalyst. Her mission is to liberate that 3lbs of flesh inside your head from overthinking, so you don’t just start seeing the possibilities but you act on them with curiosity, confidence and courage. In this podcast, Gitanjali shares how she spent decades of her life living in fear with self-doubt, self-sabotage and low self-confidence and how now, through her life mission, her WHY will liberate others from feeling that way.

The Possibilist with Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour 


“There's only one person you can compare yourself to. That’s yourself. Yesterday. Who were you yesterday? Because that's a fair comparison.”

David Breaker was told by his GP at a routine doctor’s appointment that he would only have five years to live or at most ten if he was lucky. After hearing this news, David had two weeks of nightmares where as a ghost he walked through a graveyard and saw a gravestone with the words: David Breaker. He was here. He played games. 

David shares his WHY and the emotional journey of how he transformed his life losing 20 stone in the process recognising that health is the most valuable asset you have.

Tipping Point with David Breaker
R&O 042.png


“We stand on a very fragile line on the right side of justice more often than not.”

Reflections and Observations Episodes 36-41 with Amy Rowlinson

KEY TAKEAWAY   “You don't always have to have a plan. You can seize the opportunities. You can fall into what you're doing and that plan can literally just exist alongside you and develop alongside you until the point that you realise that it's actually crystallised and you're doing what you enjoy, and you're doing something really worthwhile.”

Lecturer of the School of Law, Dr Louise Hewitt is also Director of the Innocence Project London which is a pro bono organisation where law and criminology students work alongside Louise and lawyers. They all give their time on a pro bono basis to investigate the cases of alleged wrongful convictions of people who have been convicted but who have exhausted the appeals process and are maintaining their innocence and often those individuals are still in prison. By recording this podcast, Louise is seeking to create greater public awareness that wrongful convictions happen in the UK, asking the audience to question the system and be aware of how more often than not we all stand on a very fragile line on the right side of justice.

Innocence Project London with Dr Louise Hewitt


“Don't force yourself to be an entrepreneur. Don't force yourself to be something you're not. Be resilient and never be afraid to keep on getting back up and keep on fighting the good fight. The most important thing you can have is resilience.”

Toby Wilde has a vision for the future of real estate which is why he founded Oparo, a Real Estate and Computer Technology (REACT) firm which is algorithm based, people driven and has real estate investment at its heart. Toby shares WHY he works in the PropTech sector and why he is disrupting and redefining both investment and finance methodology in the UK Real Estate market using proprietary technology. For Toby, it is this evolution of data and algorithms that will drive future investment decisions.

Evolution of Data with Toby Wilde

KEY TAKEAWAY “If you are having doubts of your ikigai or your purpose in life. Your purpose in life from now on should be to create your ikigai or keep trying things to align your life with your purpose.”

Focus on WHY meets IKIGAI! International bestselling author Héctor García shares WHY he co-authored Ikigai with Francesc Miralles and how they wrote the book from their hearts. Héctor shares his WHY, his love of Tokyo and the Japanese culture, existentialism and the importance of community. What do you love doing? What does the world need? What can you be paid for? What are you good at? When you combine your passion with your mission, with your vocation and your profession you achieve ikigai. This is where your purpose meets your values, where you find fulfilment and you are aligned with your true self as you find your calling and become more satisfied with your work as you are passionate about it.

Create Your Ikigai with Héctor García


Man’s Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl
The Blue Zones - Dan Buettner
Ikigai - Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

A Geek in Japan - Héctor García
The Book of ICHIGO ICHIE - Héctor García
The Ikigai Journey - Héctor García and Francesc Miralles



“Everyone has a place in life. We can all make a difference.”

Not to be discouraged by some challenges during the early part of his life, Sandro Forte has built one of the UK’s most successful and highly respected businesses, with individual and corporate recognition and awards too lengthy to list. Yet, by his own admission, Sandro is an ‘ordinary guy’ who simply believes and demonstrates day to day that determination and a will to win are prerequisites for success. Sandro has been voted ‘Top Conference Speaker’ in all five continents and is described by many as warm, engaging, dynamic, funny, captivating, hugely motivating and a brilliant communicator.

Discipline and Regret with Sandro Forte


“Time flies. It will be too late before you realise it. Don’t worry about what others think.  Do what works for you.”

Tej Singh was born to be an entrepreneur. Tej is an international podcasting, brand-building property investor and on this “life-changing podcast” Tej shares his WHY which he describes will take him from Real Life 1.0 to Real Life 2.0 and then back again! Tej has a favourite quote that summarises how he lives his life. “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true, do not say it.” Marcus Aurelius

Real Life 1.0 with Tej Singh


“The whole thing about my brand is confidence. Do whatever you need to do and use whatever tools that you think you can use that will help you have that confidence because then you’ll be the real you.”

Danny Gray believed that makeup should be available for everyone and after years of talking about it he finally took action to make his dream possible. In founding War Paint For Men, Danny has given men all over the world more than makeup. He’s given them confidence. He has created a brand that helps men who were struggling with stuff when they just didn’t need to. Sharing his personal story about body dysmorphia and lack of confidence, Danny is now opening doors for men across the world and proving that War Paint For Men makeup is more than just another brand.

Put Your War Paint On with Danny Gray


“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” Mahatma Gandhi

Reflections and Observations Episodes 29-34 with Amy Rowlinson


“You can be the glue that holds projects together. It’s just a matter of time. Just getting out of your comfort zone, just enough to put your hands up and connect with a few people and the ball starts rolling and suddenly it’s all happening. It’s all doable!”

From shoemaker to mother to property developer, Claire Norwood shares WHY it is important to her that she continues to “reinvent herself”.

Claire has been working as a property developer for the last seven years. By sharing her honest and vulnerable experiences, Claire is inspiring and enabling people who think it might be too late for them to see for themselves what transferable skills they can bring to the table right now.

Reinvent Yourself with Claire Norwood


“Believe in yourself and fulfil your potential. You can do whatever you want to do as long as you’re willing to put the work and time in and be patient.”

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Mentor, Public Speaker and Investor, Jay Dhillon has a passion for business. From start-up to huge success, in 2013, Jay sold one business to an investment firm and has since gone on to further successes with many other businesses across different sectors and Jay helps others to do the same. With 20 years’ business experience, Jay believes, with the right mentoring advice, knowledge and work ethic, that anyone can achieve success in business.

Fulfil Your Potential with Jay Dhillon


Ikigai - Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

The Answer is Yes – Now What is the Question? - Neville Wright

The Power of When - Dr Michael Breus


“If you are really inspired by something. Try it. Follow your dreams. You never know what might happen. Go for what you’re really passionate about.”

Pursuing his passion for music, Keith Harris OBE has led a distinguished career spanning 45 years as a music industry manager. Keith shares who he has had the pleasure of working with, the hard yards he has had to put in over the last four decades and speaks of the direct and indirect racial discrimination he has experienced. Drawing awareness to racism in the music industry, Keith explains WHY he recently wrote his open letter to today’s Captains of Music.


Click here to read the letter:

Follow Your Dreams with Keith Harris OBE

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

Mel Loizou has a love for finding people’s true genius and her business is founded on this core strength. Like most people, Mel’s journey has been a roller coaster and it was during the times of greatest challenge that she realised whilst individuals can be successful, it is teams that deliver amazing results. Mel shares her lightbulb moment and demonstrates her strength to connect strategy and people together and how she enables universities, the wider education sector and charities to work in alignment with their true values. 

The “When Fish Climb Trees” Philosophy with Mel Loizou

“Life is short. Take action. Learn while you’re moving. You’ve got to get momentum. Everyone makes mistakes but the biggest mistake is standing still.

Maria Thomson shares her WHY which takes us around the world from Edinburgh to Los Angeles to Hawaii and back to the Scottish Highlands where Maria currently resides. Maria is highly entrepreneurial in her approach always spotting new opportunities taking very fast action. Maria believes communication is everything and she shares how discovering her strengths and limitations on a one day training event has been the most transformative thing of her life.

Success Leaves Clues with Maria Thomson


“You are the light at the end of the tunnel, you've always been the light at the end of the tunnel because there is an optimal version of us that we all have inside.”

In 2014 Giampiero Scattolon was diagnosed with PTSD after having served in the US Army for three years and was fortunate to work with a therapist to help him recover. While talking to his therapist he discovered the art of genuine conversations and their potential for treating and healing emotional wounds and pain.  

Giampiero shares WHY it is important to him to work as a conversation facilitator to spread the message that an individual can potentially release years of emotional pain through genuine conversations after his own journey of self-healing enabled him to recover from PTSD and start smiling again.

Tell the Truth with Giampiero Scattolon
R&O 028.png


“Always be curious. Always try and learn something new every day. Embrace learning something new. Make the most of things because one person, one opportunity could really change your life and you just don’t know what it might lead to. You’ve just got to go for it.”

Reflections and Observations, Episodes 22-27 with Amy Rowlinson


“Always be curious. Always try and learn something new every day. Embrace learning something new. Make the most of things because one person, one opportunity could really change your life and you just don’t know what it might lead to. You’ve just got to go for it.”

For Michelle Bryant, time equals freedom and freedom means everything to her. It is WHY she does what she does. Being in control of her time and having the flexibility to travel and see her family when she chooses is of the upmost importance. 
Michelle is open to new opportunities and challenges, thriving on the unknown and with her curiosity for life always shining through she seeks out adventure. Michelle has created a life of financial independence through building strong communities and networks around her passions for property, rugby and SSAS pensions.

Always Be Curious  with Michelle Bryant


“I have to uplift the students because at the end of the day, they're our future. Kids are the most innocent beings on the planet so we need to give them everything, all the opportunities possible.”

Shinnel Paras is an innovative educational practitioner who by leaving the stability and comfort of her full-time job as Head of Sixth Form is pursuing her life passion of motivating and inspiring young people from the most disadvantaged communities in London.
Together with Shannel Bernard, co-founding Elevate, they are challenging the status quo and challenging the unconscious bias that, for some reason, is still embedded into our education system.
Elevate’s exceptional programme consists of four pillars: professional-ready, well-being, leadership and enterprise. These pillars will enable students to more equipped and more able to deal with the challenges they face in life.

Elevate. Empowering Potential  with Shinnel Paras


“Communication is the bedrock of everything we do. If you can be a confident presenter then that opens so many doors for you.”

Are you ready to build your #speakperformance, your confidence and professionalism when ‘on a screen near you’ in front of your clients?
Whether you're presenting the sales figures to your colleagues or delivering a pitch to 1000 people in the Carnegie Hall, Ges Ray speaks about the business of speaking. 
Speaker, coach and author, Ges Ray, delivers a toolkit for business delivering the confidence to present professionally in video communications with your clients, the confidence to stand up and address clients in meetings and the confidence to network to win business. Light up your life with confident communication. 


Speak Performance - Ges Ray

Speak Performance  with Ges Ray
Next Level Living  with Jess Leader

A home is a safe environment in which we can flourish. That’s what today’s guest Jessica Leader believes. To Jessica, property means security and she is now committed to creating as many homes as possible that create this foundation for others. A wearer of many hats, each step of Jessica’s career across a variety of industries including marketing, experiential design, corporate, charity and property all combine to join the dots in hindsight to put her on her mission for both financial independence and independent next level living.

KEY TAKEAWAY : Do the thing they want to do. Don’t let the reason of not doing it be fear. If you are frightened of what somebody will think of you, or you’re frightened of whether you can or you can’t or you’re frightened of your physical environment, just try it anyway and see what happens. Because usually the reason that you want to do something is because it is the right thing. 


Any books by Brené Brown (For example: Daring GreatlyDare to Lead)

Arch to Arc  with Chris Leek

World Record Holder, Chris Leek is the Fastest Man (Non Wetsuit) to complete the Enduroman Arch 2 Arc challenge. Only 44 athletes have ever achieved this challenge and of those only five have done it without a wetsuit. Chris Leek holds the fastest time in this category. Chris’s WHY is very personal to him and it is what kept him focused throughout every moment of this gruelling triathlon.
Chris shares why he chose this unparalleled challenge and takes us on his very emotional journey which involved running 87 miles from Marble Arch, London to Dover, swimming 21 miles across the English Channel and cycling 181 miles to the Arc de Triomphe in an incredible world record total time of 69 hours and 29 minutes.

KEY TAKEAWAY : “Exercise is one of the biggest enablers for a healthy mind. It’s proven to moderate depression, reduce anxiety, break down stress cycles and sharpen your mental ability. Overall, it’s a powerful energiser. I urge you all to get active, be that a daily walk or a marathon, set yourself a goal and go out there and go and achieve it.”

Kul Mahay.png
Ignite Your Inner Potential    with Kul Mahay

Kul Mahay shares the secret of how to find your WHY! After 32 years of working in the UK Police Force, Kul became a businessman for the first time in his life and he speaks of how he wants to change the world through the transformation of how people think. He talks about the power of leadership, fourth quadrant thinking, emotional intelligence, public speaking, habits, transformations, passion, values and community. Kul reminds us to never, ever stop chasing your dreams and never ever kid yourself that you're either too old or too young


“Community at any level is a fundamental aspect of our lives going forward. Whether it's a community in terms of a team, a geographic area, in terms of countries or global levels, if we create a sense of community, we create a sense of buy-in, people move together.”


Smash the Habit - Kul Mahay

Reflections and Observations, Episodes 15-20    with Amy Rowlinson


Many mistakes have gone on to become massive successes in life. It is never too late to be what you might have been. The greatest gift of personal development is knowing that you have a choice in how you feel.

Rob Moore.png
If You Don’t Risk Anything, You Risk Everything with Rob Moore

Amy Rowlinson speaks with Rob Moore to find out what his WHY is, how he found his passion and purpose and what ‘good enough’ looks like. Rob explains how he built both his business and personal brands around his core values: growth and progress. Rob clarifies the importance of his investment in personal development and how it has affected him. He talks about spirituality, paradoxes, reflections, critics and happiness. Rob shares who inspires him, who he seeks to inspire and WHY he chooses to help so many lost people to navigate today’s world.

“We've all got energy in the things that we're passionate about. Passion is a source of energy. Everything comes back to your values where your focus and energy and results will be, based on where your values are your conflicts will be based on when you're not living your values and understanding and living according to your values you’ll live to your true nature and genius. The purpose of life is evolution. The purpose of life is growth and progress, not happiness. Happiness is the reward that keeps you incentivised to evolve.”

Lara Waldman.png
Manifest Abundance with Lara Waldman

Lara Waldman is an abundance activator and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential, own who they truly are and build foundations where they can be aligned and connected in all areas of their life. Lara shows her clients how to manifest abundance and allow it to flow more harmoniously by taking them through a mind-blowing and extraordinary transformation.

“You are more powerful than you realise, powerful beyond measure. You have the power to consciously transform your life and the lives of others. And this is about remembering, reawakening to this truth, and it lies deep within your heart deep within your belly.”

Sunny Mahal.png
Sunshine State of Mind with Sunny Mahal

Property investor, business owner, coach and public speaker, Sunny Mahal aka Mr Sunshine brings magic and sunshine to the audio waves. Sunny shares his WHY and how he seeks to inspire, entertain and educate people either in person or via his social media presence. Together Amy and Sunny cover three different effects and how the small elements can make a massive difference over time: The Domino Effect, the Ripple Effect and the Compound Effect.

“Things happen in life for you to become the person you are now. How do I become that person? I need to work backwards and start being the person right now.”

Michael Dodd.png
‘Blowtorch on the Belly’ Questions with Michael Dodd

What is a ‘blowtorch on the belly’ question? What is a soft question? Former Foreign Correspondent for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Michael Dodd, explains the differences between these lines of questioning sharing stories of when he interviewed business leaders, politicians and officials. Nowadays, Michael has switched his focus to helping people provide great answers to the tough ‘blowtorch on the belly’ questions he previously used to ask.

“A great answer goes beyond the question in that it gets across a message very much on the topic of the question! A great answer often involves a certain amount of show not tell.”

Jodie Harburt.png
Circle of Life with Jodie Harburt

What does it mean to be happy? What does wellbeing mean to you? What matters to you? How can we combine our individual journeys into being a wider, collective-based journey? These are just some of the questions that Amy’s guest, Jodie Harburt, poses as she talks about some of the many projects she is involved in. Jodie shares how she uses her Cooking up Dialogue sessions and Circle practice to curate important questions allowing the opportunity for people to speak from the heart around important topics such as zero waste, climate breakdown, migration and sustainability. Jodie focuses on the world’s addiction to live a consumer-lifestyle and how only a collective wisdom and collective consciousness will help move humanity forward. 


“The most important thing in our lives is meaningful connection. We’re not just standing here as individuals, we really are a part of a forest, dependent on one another.”

Books Change Lives with Bérengère Guéry & Vicky Stanley 

Bérengère Guéry & Vicky Stanley, Beevee Property, join Amy Rowlinson to talk about love, geology, winemaking and how their careers in corporate oil and gas have led them to building co-living homes in the UK. Their WHY is to travel the world, create their own family and spend time with people they love with a dream to live in France surrounded by sea and mountains with their vineyard!  


Life is short. Why not go after your dreams and follow your passions now? Why wait? You will find a way to make it work.

Reflections and Observations,  Episodes 8-13  with Amy Rowlinson 


This podcast "is the water for the seed I planted that is desperate to grow but is still finding its roots! Very inspiring: thanks”.

Matt Horder.png
Take the Mañana Out of Your World  with Matt Horder 

In this podcast episode, Amy Rowlinson speaks with Matt Horder, Financial Planner and Transition Coach at Magus Private Wealth, where his role is to help his clients get comfortable being uncomfortable, to have uncomfortable conversations taking the mañana out of people’s worlds. He finds out what is important to his clients by building better relationships with them through the process of WHY, WHAT and HOW of financial coaching and planning.


“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

Zahida Johal.png
Believe In Yourself  with Dr Zahida Johal 

Dr Zahida Johal speaks with Amy Rowlinson about her mission to help with the empowerment of people to feel proud of who they are both inside and out and to help them to look younger for longer. Mental wellbeing is the main topic throughout this conversation. Zahida is passionate about helping young people with their mental well-being and is involved in a new group, Evolve Generation Group, to create a community of parents, educationalists and mental healthcare workers around schools, colleges and universities to support kids and young adults with their mental fitness and resilience.


“Visualise what you want for yourself rather than what everybody else expects of you. Do you truly believe in yourself?”

Skye Khilji.png
Free the Wage Slave  with Skye Khilji

Skye Khilji joins Amy Rowlinson to talk about why he travels the world moving from one country to the next each month with a flexible business that can be operated remotely. Skye shares what he was doing before he made the conscious decision to “free the work slave” and WHY it is important for him to have this freedom of lifestyle. What do the words entrepreneur, freedom and legacy mean to Skye Khilji? Tune in to find out!


“Walk towards your curiosities…you get into a flow state and create excellence with ease. What are those things? Go and find them! Start learning who you are. What lights you up? Start exploring.”

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone  with Shannel Bernard

Shannel Bernard joins Amy Rowlinson to discuss her intense focus on changing her status quo. For the first 17 years of her life, Shannel witnessed her mum being physically and mentally abused and she made a pledge that she would take herself and her family out of that situation, to give her family a life they used to only dream of. Shannel refuses to be a victim of her adversity. Instead she uses this drive to create a successful property investment business, providing quality homes to young professionals whilst increasing rental yield for landlords.


“Just go that extra 1% every day. Do something every day that gets you out of your comfort zone because that's where all the potential is, just outside of that comfort zone.”

Create a Better World  with Valter Pontes

Valter Pontes, consultant, property investor and entrepreneur, joins Amy to talk about what Valter has done since Amy last interviewed him on The Property Vault Podcast back in November 2019 (Episode 38) and why Valter believes that knowledge is the most expensive resource in the world. Together, they discuss the importance of knowledge, reading, sleep, visualisation, daily habits and WHY Valter is on a mission to become the best version of himself.


“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”

Get Visible  with Anna Parker-Naples

FOCUS ON WHY podcast host, Amy Rowlinson, asks Anna Parker-Naples WHY is it important to have built a business to help entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and experts to get visible.

From wheelchair to the red carpet of Hollywood, Anna shares her personal journey of recovery and how her highest purpose, which is to awaken, helped drive her to achieve success. Anna wants to turn the light on for as many people as she can through the power of podcasting.


“Stop saying that you can’t. Work out how you can and look at your language closely.”

Reflections and Observations,  Episodes 1-6  with Amy Rowlinson


People want a forum to express their experiences, knowledge and in some cases their very soul! This podcast is for everyone!

Wise Humanity  with Davide Pagnotta

Amy Rowlinson speaks with Davide Pagnotta from Wise Humanity. Discussing practical wisdom tools which can be used to remove the unnecessary complications that people create for themselves in life. Essentially, Davide shares ways of how to live a more radiant life, how to connect with the world and connect with one another. Retelling the old Sufi tale of “Good Thing? Bad Thing? Who Knows?”, Davide stresses the importance of viewing events as neutral and not to label them positive or negative.


“Think of purpose as the beam from a lighthouse, even if the sea is rough and dark, you know where to go.”

The Art of Social Selling  with Sam Rathling

In this podcast episode, host Amy Rowlinson speaks with Sam Rathling, Europe’s leading expert on LinkedIn and Social Selling. Sam shares some invaluable top tips on how to use LinkedIn for business. Attract people through the value you give! Content is king and connection is queen. Before Sam shares her WHY, Sam talks about WHAT she does and HOW she built her first business from nothing. Her WHY is what kept her focused throughout..



“Don’t go there to get, go there to give! Content is king and connection is queen.”

Wheelchair to World Champion  with Steve Judge

In this podcast episode, host Amy Rowlinson speaks with International Speaker, World Champion and Author, Steve Judge. Steve shares the many times he picked himself up after being knocked down both mentally and physically enabling him to go from wheelchair to world champion. He explains how he had to rebuild his wellness through mental and physical strength to move forward on his journey. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to adopt and adapt these skills to turn excuses into challenges and live a life with no regrets.



“Understand that there's no such thing as failure. There's only feedback. There's going to be times when you're struggling to achieve your goal. Don't ever change the goal. Change the plan. Work out what you can do rather what you can't do. Don’t lean on your excuses!”

Now is Your Time  with Jo Akhgar

In this podcast episode, host Amy Rowlinson speaks with Jo Akhgar and discover Jo’s favourite word in the English language: passion! She even wrote a dissertation on the word ‘passion’ and now she is building an entire business around it. Jo uses her intrinsic compass to steer her through her life and she shares her reasons WHY she does what she does. Together with Amy, they discuss the role fulfilment has in life and how important it is to live with complete authenticity.



“Now is your time. Chances are if you found this podcast, or if you thought about expanding your horizons in some way, you already know that because that's why you're listening. So don't ignore that. And whenever you encounter this, or whenever you find yourself in a space where you are looking to make a change or pursue a passion, say to yourself, now is my time because it is and allow yourself to be open to whatever the universe then shows you.”

Adrian Brown
Stop. Pause. Breathe. Continue.  with Adrian Brown

In this podcast episode, Amy’s guest is Adrian Brown and they talk about change in today’s world and how to adapt and contribute. Adrian shares his 4 Step Process: Stop – Pause – Breathe – Continue – which can be applied to all aspects of your life. Currently, most of Adrian's work is dedicated to his clients reinventing themselves to survive the crisis and be better, faster and stronger post-pandemic.



Knowing your WHY helps people to uninvent the past and invent their future.